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Marketing Accelerator  Program

Are you a B2B SME business owner looking for an expert-guided, hands-on marketing strategy and setup? Welcome to the Elite Empowerment Program.

This exclusive program offers a one-on-one consultancy experience with a marketing expert boasting 15 years of B2B marketing experience. Not only will you receive personalized attention and a customized marketing strategy, but the expert will also set up everything for you.

Does this sound like you?

Then we can definitely help you. 

You don't have a marketing team

Ready to level up your marketing game? Congrats on your business growth! As you hit new milestones, it's time to get professional support without the headache of high costs and long onboarding. Our experienced marketing team is here to provide the expert support you need to achieve your goals and make the most of your success. Let's take your business to the next level, together

You have no budget to hire an agency

Tired of doing everything yourself, but can't afford a full-scale agency? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The Amado Marketing Accelerator Program is the perfect middle ground between DIY and a fancy agency. Say goodbye to DIY headaches and hello to our expert support, all while keeping your budget in check. Let's make your marketing dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

Your marketing efforts are ineffective

It seems like you are putting in effort and taking action, but unfortunately, those actions are not yielding the desired results. You're doing the work, but it's not working! Your efforts go unnoticed, with no leads, brand growth, or way to track success. It's like putting something out there and hearing crickets.Despite your best efforts, you are not seeing any growth in your brand or getting any leads.

You have no coherent strategy

Your marketing efforts are falling short because they lack a coherent strategy. While you may be doing various things to promote your brand, there's no overarching theme or plan tying everything together. As a result, you're not seeing the growth or leads that you want, and your methods are not scalable.Sure, you may get the occasional lead or customer, but you're not able to sustain that momentum or replicate those successes.

Your Growth, Our Mission

Tailored Marketing Strategy Service: Your Partner in Accelerated Business Growth

Welcome to the Marketing Accelerator Program, the no-nonsense, tailored marketing consultancy for small to medium-sized businesses. We're not about cookie-cutter advice or generic courses. Instead, we give you practical, focused strategies to help you thrive in the B2B space.

With the Marketing Accelerator Program, you get one-on-one workshops, a hands-on approach to building your marketing system, and the tools you need for success. All designed to deliver high-value returns efficiently.

Join us for strategic expertise and continuous support in your marketing journey. With the Marketing Accelerator Program, you're not just a client, you're a partner. Let's build a unique strategy for your unique business.

About The Marketing Accelerator Program

About The Marketing Accelerator Program

What is it?

The Marketing Accelerator isn't just a consultancy program - it's a ticket to next-level growth. With us, practical learning and real-world application go hand-in-hand to create a tailored strategy that drives tangible results for your business.


Why choose it?

Save costs, gain value. Our program provides a personalized, efficient marketing strategy, eliminating the need for expensive full-time hires or agency retainers. We make growth affordable.


Who is it for?

If you are an SME owner ready to up your marketing game without resorting to pushy sales tactics, the Marketing Accelerator is your perfect fit. It's time to turn your success into more. It's time for focused, coherent, and effective marketing.


What the program will help you do

  Automate Your Marketing

In our program, you'll learn how to automate routine marketing tasks using the latest technology. This means less time spent on mundane tasks and more time focusing on strategic initiatives that drive growth. By automating tasks like email campaigns, social media posts, and content distribution, you can streamline your marketing efforts, increase consistency, and improve your marketing ROI.

  Build consistent marketing messaging

We'll guide you through the process of developing a consistent marketing message that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your brand's values and mission. By doing so, you'll build a stronger brand identity, make a lasting impression on your audience, and improve customer loyalty

  Build a reliable lead-generation machine

A consistent flow of quality leads is crucial to avoid the "feast or famine" cycle many businesses face. Our program will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to build a reliable lead-generation machine. From understanding your target audience to optimizing your lead capture strategies, we'll help you set up systems that ensure a steady stream of potential customers coming your way.

  Publish marketing content regularly

Content is king in digital marketing. Our program will help you master the art of creating and publishing high-converting content on a regular and consistent basis. This not only helps in attracting and retaining your audience, but also positions your brand as an authority in your field, improving SEO, and boosting conversions

  Master your brand positioning

Understanding your market positioning is critical to your business' success. We'll help you master your positioning by identifying your unique selling proposition, understanding your competition, and clearly defining your target market. Coupled with a solid marketing strategy, mastering your positioning will allow you to create effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive growth.

  Semi-Automate Your Marketing

In addition to full automation, our program will also help you semi-automate aspects of your marketing. This involves setting up systems that can automate certain tasks while still allowing for human oversight and input where necessary. This balance ensures efficiency while maintaining a personal touch in your marketing efforts.

What's Included

Program Content

Our program last approximately 56 weeks and offers a comprehensive suite of services, divided into four critical components:

  1. Discovery Phase: We perform a thorough audit of your current marketing landscape, providing a clear understanding of your business and its market standing.
  2. Marketing 101 Phase: We distill the most relevant B2B digital marketing principles into practical steps, offering hands-on training to your team.
  3. Strategy Phase: We work closely with you to formulate an effective, scalable marketing strategy tailored specifically for your business.
  4. Marketing Mastery Phase: We set up automated systems and guide your team through the process of managing and optimizing these systems for consistent results.

Our program also provides access to a range of resources like e-books, practical templates, easily editable brand design templates, and AI-related bonus content.

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Unleash Unstoppable Momentum with Amado Digital's Marketing Accelerator Program

With Amado Digital's Marketing Accelerator Program, your business potential knows no bounds. Embrace the benefits and watch your business transform, grow, and succeed.

  • Lead Generation

  • Automated Marketing

  • Scalability

  • Accelerated Growth


Say Goodbye to Unpredictability: Secure a Constant Flow of Quality Leads

Say goodbye to the feast-and-famine cycle of unpredictable leads. Our program introduces strategic processes that generate consistent, regular leads, empowering your business with a reliable client pipeline. Capitalise on quality leads and never worry about dry spells again.


Master the Art of Autopilot: Automate Your Marketing for Maximum Efficiency

Harness the power of automation and take the stress out of marketing. Our program sets your marketing strategy on autopilot, allowing you to focus on what matters most - managing and growing your business. From campaign execution to performance tracking, watch your marketing efforts automate, driving results while saving time and resources.


Reach New Heights: Scale Your Business with Ease and Precision

Scaling your business has never been simpler. The Marketing Accelerator Program ensures all procedures are thoroughly documented, making replication across new locations, teams, or markets, a breeze. Our program provides the roadmap to expansion, laying the foundation for your business to grow and evolve.


Fast-Track Your Success: Propel Your Growth with Our Accelerated Marketing Strategies

Experience the thrill of accelerated growth as your business leaps forward. Our program bolsters automated lead generation and brand awareness processes, propelling your growth at an unprecedented pace. Watch your business thrive and gain a competitive edge, as our marketing strategies fuel your success journey.

Everything You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marketing Accelerator? Is it a course? Consultancy? Marketing Support?

The Marketing Accelerator was born out of our intimate experience collaborating with B2B SMEs. It's not just a course, it's an immersive, synergistic program where you'll join forces with a seasoned marketing expert who will equip you with the key strategies and tactics that speak directly to the B2B landscape.


In the ocean of information that exists today, pinpointing what truly benefits your business can feel like seeking a needle in a haystack. This program serves as a lighthouse, guiding you away from the generic and towards the specifically relevant, all from a professional who has navigated these waters alongside businesses just like yours.

For an SME owner, time is a precious resource, and spending it on wading through an ocean of generic information isn't a luxury you can afford. The Marketing Accelerator puts you on the fast track to marketing prowess, eliminating the exhausting hunt for tactics and strategies.

What you'll get is the advantage of working directly with a professional consultant who imparts valuable lessons, crafts your strategy, and sets you on a course of success. With us, you're not just learning marketing; you're setting it on autopilot, primed for a successful journey.

Is the Marketing Accelerator suitable for businesses in any industry?

Yes, the Marketing Accelerator is designed to be applicable to businesses across various industries, including business services, SaaS, tech, manufacturing, and more. The principles and strategies taught can be adapted to suit different industry contexts.


Can I access the supporting materials at any time?

Yes, the online course materials, templates and are accessible on demand, 24/7. All contents will be sent to you upon purchase and you can access them any time. You can log in to the course and learn at your own pace, allowing flexibility to fit your schedule. 


Are the marketing system templates provided customisable to my business?

Yes, the marketing system templates are designed to be customizable to suit your specific business needs. You can adapt and modify them to align with your branding, target audience, and goals.

How long does it typically take to complete the Marketing Accelerator Program?

The duration of the online course varies based on individual learning pace. On average, business owners complete the course within 4-6 weeks. However, you can progress at a speed that suits you best. 

The Peer Power takes 4 weeks and the Bespoke Booster takes 5 weeks long. 

Do I need any prior marketing knowledge to benefit from the Marketing Accelerator?

No prior marketing knowledge is required. The Marketing Accelerator is designed to cater to all experience levels, starting from the fundamentals and gradually progressing to more advanced strategies.

How long will I have access to the course materials and resources?

You will have lifetime access to the course materials and resources. This ensures that you can revisit the content whenever you need a refresher or want to explore additional strategies.

Affordable and result-driven marketing solution that helps you to grow your business. 

If you're a B2B business that needs help with marketing but doesn't have the resources to hire a full-time team or agency, get in touch with Amado Digital today. We're here to help you get your marketing strategy right, generate leads, and grow your brand.